Adding A Performance OBDII Unit is Affordable, Easy, and Effective

At, we have extensively researched and designed our products to provide the highest level of performance of at the most affordable price possible.

Our selection of OBDII tuners allows you to get exactly what you want.  We offer products that specifically focus on getting you additional engine horsepower, improved fuel economy, or both.  Our units are easy to install without any bulky wires and feature a simple plug&play installation.  Our advanced design allows the product to be plugged in without causing any interference.  It simply is the best way to add horsepower or increase the fuel economy of your vehicle.

No matter which kind of performance chip you are looking for, we will have it. Check out the links below for more information:

PLUGCHIP: This adaptive product gives both performance and fuel economy.

V5 PowerDrive:  Designed specifically for performance, this product offers an affordable way to increase horsepower.

EcoBooster: if you drive long distances, you know that fuel economy can greatly impact your monthly budget. This fuel saving OBDII tuner does just that, improves your fuel economy by up to 15%.