Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Xenon Lighting Kits

Have you ever seen that purple, white, and blue explosion of light coming out of some newer, expensive cars on the market today?  This extra high intensity light can be attributed to xenon technology.  Many of today’s vehicles use a xenon lightning system to increase the depth, reach, and lightning intensity of their headlights.  More and more, it is becoming a sensation in today’s market.  This article will explain everything you ever wanted to know about xenon lighting technology!

The Technology

Xenon gas is the backbone of High Intensity Discharge headlights.  The typical xenon lighting system consists of three main components that work together to create this special lighting.  First, the bulb in a high intensity discharge lighting system is very special.  The bulb has a filament running through the glass of the bulb that “energizes” the xenon gas in the bulb.  Once the xenon gas has high voltage electrical current running through it, it creates the high output of light know as xenon.

Second, the ballast and igniter are also critical components in a High Intensity Discharge Lighting (HID) system.  The ballast is the unit that provides the high voltage current, while the igniter is the component that sends an arc of high voltage current to the bulb.  This current ignites the combination of xenon gas, mercury, and metal halide salts in the bulb to create the bright blast of light.

Third, the wiring harness is what allows these components to work together to create this bright light.  The harness connects the bulb, ballast, and igniter to the vehicle’s factory wiring system.  This allows the factory wiring and switches to control the headlights, which in turn tells the HID system to turn on or off.  When combined together these components produce the bright light that allows for safer and more confident driving during the night time.

What’s included in a HID kit?

2 bulbs – 2 ballasts (with built in igniter) – plug and play wiring harness

What are the benefits?

HID kits are generally 3 times brighter and shine roughly 2 wider that your factory halogen headlights.  Additionally, most HID kits use 35W of power and operate at lower temperatures than regular filament bulbs.  This creates a more beneficial environment for the headlight housing, especially if heat is an issue. 


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