Porsche To Launch New Panamera In 2016


Porsche is hard at work developing an all-new Panamera which will feature a aluminum body, new platform, and new technologies.  Porsche says the new Panamera will weigh less, drive better, accelerate harder, and look nicer.

The new model will be based on an all-new rear and all-wheel-drive platform which Porsche has dubbed MSB. The new platform will be built with a number of weight-saving measures and lighter weight materials.  Porsche is expected to use six different materials including magnesium, aluminium, and multi-phase steels.

These advances will allow the new Panamera to weigh less, offer better crash protection, and increase interior cabin space.  The new model is also expected to grow in almost every dimension, but Porsche says the lighter weight materials will still allow the larger car to weigh less.  The curb weight is expected to stay at around 1800-1900kg.

While the exterior styling of the Panamera has always been an area of contention, the all-new model will feature an exterior redesign that will be more attractive while maintaining the instantly recognizable styling. Porsche says that the new model will be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the Panamera.  There will likely be more variants of the Panamera including a two-door coupe and maybe even a convertible. Nothing has yet been confirmed.

The interior will receive a full redesign as well.  Famous for having a number of buttons positioned on the center console, the new model will move these features to a central touchscreen.  While purists may be divided on that, many believe Porsche is adding the central touchscreen to stay in trend.

The powerplants of the new model will feature a family of V6 and V8 gasoline and turbo engines that are all-new.  In addition to the gasoline engines, the Panamera will also get a hybrid and diesel power.  These powerplants are said to be one of the most competitive features of the new model.

There will also be a new range of transmissions.  The famous dual-clutch PDK semi-automatic will be revised while a standard manual transmission will also be offered.  Expect a standard automatic transmission to also be on offer.

Porsche is hoping that the new Panamera will sell up to 200,000 units a year.  They are definitely on track to hit that goal with new technology, lighter weight materials, higher technology, and multiple model variations. We will keep you posted on more details as they are available.

Below are some sketches of what the 2016 Porsche Panamera may look like.